Dangerous Compassions

farm news

Hello, I wanted to share some farm news with you, as we are about to leave.  The big farm news is they bought a pretty green tractor.

farm news

Isn’t it a cute little tractor?  I heard they paid $9000.  They used to rent one, sometimes.  But now it’s a functional toy, owned.

Another farm news item is they did a test on the water and plants.  The water is still high manganese, but the plants aren’t–they aren’t uptaking it.  So that’s good.

But we are about to leave.  We might come back.  Who knows.

bell tent

My friend who stays in a bell tent invited me in.  I really like it!

Here are my friend’s shoes with my shoes.  I thought they looked cute together, symbolizing relaxed friendship.


I asked if we could measure the tent.  In case we buy one, one day, I wanted to know how big this tent is.  Ming and I measured with a measuring tape–it’s the four meter version.

Here’s a pic–Laura-Marie for scale.

farm news

Bell tents such as these can be got for around $500.  Wow!  I would live in one of these!  Set up an outdoor kitchen and composting toilet.  There you go.  Bob’s your uncle.  As long as we had a fan, I’d be set.

There’s a eucalyptus tree by my friend’s bell tent, and some turkey vultures like to roost up there at night, at the top.  Sounds special.  But the tree sheds weirdly all the time.  I asked, “What is that stuff?  Is it just from the tree?  Is it from an animal?”

My friend said it was just from the tree.  But it seemed scary to me somehow.   Like I didn’t want it falling on me and getting stuck in my hair.  I’ve been around a lot of eucalyptus trees in my life but never saw one shed quite like this one.


There were some pretty shadows on our porch.


Goodbye, beautiful farm.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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