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great day

Hello, I’d like to tell you about a great day Ming and I shared, in no particular order.

delicious soup

We went to this restaurant in Santa Barbara called Secret Bao.  We went because we liked the name.  I had this amazing soup made with sweet potato noodles.


Ming took a picture of me enjoying the soup.  Yummy!  At first I thought it was too salty.  Then my second bite, I understood it better and loved it.  Yes!  I would eat that soup again!

great day

A bonus fun thing was it was supposed to come with shiitake mushrooms and bean sprouts.  I can’t have mushrooms these days, and I don’t like that kind of bean sprouts.  So I asked for both on the side, and Ming ate them as a lovely little side dish for his smoked salmon bao.

difficult conversation

We had a difficult conversation scheduled for 10am.  We’d had an argument at night, and we needed to go to bed.  So we decided to make a list of the issues to discuss another day.

The difficult conversation to address a few issues went great.  It could have turned into argument part two.  But we were kind, brief, clear, compassionate, generous, and kept our eyes on the prize.

Probably we should revisit the notes in a few days to make sure we really dealt with them.  We feel happy that the difficult conversation was actually fun.

Lompoc cemetery

We had a great time visiting my mom’s parents’ graves at the Lompoc cemetery.  Not sure how long we’ll be living in Ojai, so we decided to take a day trip out there, while we’re living nearby.

I enjoyed singing, crying, and praying.  Ming put my camping chair so I could sit a while.  It was soul-nourishing.

fire wheel tree

We saw this amazing kind of tree called fire wheel tree.  We were walking in downtown Santa Barbara.  I was amazed I had never seen them before.  We stared into the branches a lot, looking at the flowers at every stage of development.


It was fun.  All the other people were walking by like nothing.  Maybe they are used to this beautiful tree.  They were not having a great day like we were!

great day

You know I lived near Santa Barbara for four years, doing my undergrad.  So I’m a little embarrassed I never saw this tree before.


We went to the library and it was closed, but the galleries were open.  So we looked at some art.  One room had a lot of different kinds of prints.  I liked this one.


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