Dangerous Compassions

farm beauty

Hello, I would like to share more farm beauty with you.  We are about to leave this place.  But I wish we could stay.


It’s not about us–it’s about them.  Ming has tended the chickens devotedly.  I’ve prepped some good veg meals.  Ming helped two community members with bike repair, set some rat traps, helped with a trash dumpster run.  Ming picked up chicken feed and two bales of straw from town.

We water the trees and plants by the little room we’re in.  We’ve communicated, shared, smiled, joked, been honest and real.  I wrote a list of our skills that we gave to the community’s matriarch right after we arrived here.  We’ve been taken up on almost none of them.  We’ve given my zines away, sang, cared, and connected.

I think we would be amazing for this community.  We would only do more, as we were more established.  These are things I wanted to do.

  • narcan workshop
  • Disabled Resilience Permaculture workshop
  • radical mental health
  • self-love workshop
  • more chickens
  • harvest walnuts
  • ecstatic dance
  • build happy relationships with other local farms
  • plant more of our favorite things to eat

But this farm community is in a time of change and power struggle.  Who runs the farm?  How long will it last?  What are the values?  How are decisions made?  How do new people join?

Someone told me they’ve let people in quickly, then regretted it.  Maybe their membership trauma is getting on us.  Yuck.

So be it.  The ants and spiders are hard to live with.  I’m the only fat person here–maybe they don’t like fat people.  I can only do so much, when decades of norms and values are already here in place.  Oh well.

farm beauty

Here are some pretty purple kohlrabis, lemon cucumbers, squash.

farm beauty

I love these arts in a common room of the main house of this farm.  This is a big painting of… Hanuman angel?  Maybe life size, depending on how big angels are.

farm beauty

I like this abstract swirly painting too.


This vulva sculpture was randomly sitting around near our place, by the naked ladies and a pomegranate tree.  I think it’s charming.  I’d like to make a vulva sculpture too.


I hope you have abundant beauty to enjoy wherever you are.  Here’s me delighted.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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