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pea shoot

pea shoot

Hello, we were in Ojai and ate some sprout salad we’d bought at the farmers market.  I like eating the sunflower greens best.  But we also like pea shoot.

“Pea shoot is just a nice word,” I told Ming.  “Feels good to say.  Pea shoot!  Pea shoot!”  I tried out different ways.  “What if we named our dog that?”

“Yeah!” Ming said.  He likes it too.

“Maybe we should get a dog, just to name it Pea Shoot.  Come here, Pea Shoot!” I said.  I imagined it waving its tail.  Wagging.

around town

We like seeing massive oak trees growing in the road, around town.


Ming said it shouldn’t be oak trees in the road–it should be road around oak trees, maybe, as the trees were there first.  We didn’t find a good way to phrase it, but I appreciate the sentiment.  How would you phrase it?

Look at this cute lemonade stand.  Free is my favorite flavor.  Yeah!  No kids or beverage were there at the time, by a bike path.  We were picking up a pair of shoes.


The peace pole was a cool surprise too.


farm update

We wanted to stay longer, but it looks like we’ll be leaving this farm in just more than a week.  There’s no room for us.  Dang.

We have one option, but not sure we can swing it.  We’d have to find a trailer to live in.  I’ll miss the place and caring for the chickens.  I’ll definitely miss this view from the porch.

porch view

Here’s a different light, more dramatic.  So pretty!


Hopefully I will have a view of Ming for a long, long time.  We will be ok together, no matter what.

Thank you for being patient with me, dear.  I love you, pumps.  You’re so cute, eating salad.

pea shoot

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