Dangerous Compassions


Hello, we’ve been going to the beach lately.  Feels wonderful.  Thought you might like to know we’re holding the beach down for you.


This is a pic of me with my tummy.  All bodies are valid bodies!  I was in the water a lot at a beach near San Diego when we were visiting our friends in Ramona.  What a wonderful day.  That was Torry Pines.

I took this cute pic of Ming’s feet when he was wearing my sandals.  It was for a theorized post about Asian people smashing down the heels of their shoes.  That’s a longstanding conversation in our family.


Kinda cool how he could wear my shoes, if needed.  I guess they are a tiny bit big on me, and a tiny bit small for him.


Encountering wonderful things in California, I have a self-doubt a lot, like, “Is this for me?”  I feel like I don’t deserve it.  Not sure where this weird idea of deserving comes from.  Childhood, probably.

Montana made me wonder also, beautiful in a new way.  The questions troubled me: Is this for me?  Am I ok being here?  Could this be a home for me?  Do I deserve this beauty?

California is my home state, so rich with diversity.  I love it here.  Can I belong here again?  I think I do, but it’s expensive.

foot healed

If you’re wondering about my foot where maybe a jellyfish stung me in a beach in Ventura, it’s finally better now.  It took about six days for my foot to recover.

Still not sure if it was really a jellyfish or something else.  But the pain was exquisite, at the beginning.  Then it felt a lot better.  Then over the next few days, the itchiness got bad and worse.

The itchiness peaked around day five, which scared me.  Then in the afternoon of day six, it felt like my usual foot again.

Thank you to the friends who cared, the knowledgeable herbalist friend who explained that the itchiness might get worse, the internet that told me it might take a week to feel better.

So grateful my body can heal.  It amazes me like a miracle.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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