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amazing things

Hello, some amazing things have been happening lately.  Day after day, I feel like they’re getting buried in the pile of amazing things, as more amazing things happen, undocumented.  Many will be forgotten.

So I would like list some here, for you and for me.

amazing things list

We swam in the salt water pool of a friend who lives nearby.  What a treat.  I looked up at the oak tree by us, in bliss.  The water was not too cold.  It was a wonderful pleasure.

With the same friend, we made art.  I made this art Egg Inside the Kelp Chicken that I like.  First I drew it with pencil.  Then a couple days later, I painted it with watercolor.

egg art

I like it–there’s something playful and different about it.  Different from any art I’ve made before.  Something new is being expressed.  I’m so happy to try new things and let a different part of myself speak.

Also I fixed this necklace made for me by one of my closest friends.  She mailed it to me years ago, and it broke right away.  I think the part where the clasp was attached unraveled.

amazing thing

The other day I sewed the clasp back on with dark gray thread.  Here’s a pic of me wearing it with a repair visible.

amazing tihngs

Feels great to have the energy for neglected projects.  In Las Vegas I was overwhelmed, worn down, burned out, and depleted in ways I’m only beginning to understand.  This farm life is different.  I think it suits me.  I’ll let you know, once the honeymoon is over.


I have a new friend I really like who lives in community with us at this farm.  She is full of energy and life.  Here she is eating dinner on the full moon.


She’s loving, real, and great at enjoying pleasure.  I adore her.  She’s from another country and has an easy way of being in the world.  I’ve learned a lot from her in a short time.

Also we met this green leafy bug.  Ming’s app said it’s a Lesser Angle-winged Katydid.

amazing things

Wow, what would a Greater one be like?  It’s huge.  It was on the outside wall of the bathroom by the Ojai skatepark.  We paused there so I could pee, before we attended the Thursday farmers market.  I got excited and showed Ming.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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