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pickled eggs

We stopped by a fruit stand in Idaho and bought some pickled eggs.  We were traveling down the xenophobic chimney of Idaho, which makes us Santa.  Too bad we didn’t deliver any gifts to Nevada, right?  We would put lithium in their stockings.

That’s a mining joke, not funny.  We have friends in Las Vegas who support the Native activists who are resisting the lithium mine at Thacker Pass.  We happened to drive by their billboard.

pickled eggs

Ming was curious about the spicey pickled eggs he noticed for sale at a fruit stand.  I said he should try them some time in his life, and no time like the present.  The jar was eleven bucks.  Yes, around eleven bucks for eight pickled eggs with jalapenos.

We were parked in a small town.  He opened the jar on the sidewalk, and I took a picture.

pickled eggs

Wow, what a cutie pie!  The verdict: delicious!

pickled eggs

Yay!  So glad the experiment was a good idea.  I was happy that I encouraged him.

“They’re more solid than I thought they would be,” Ming said.

“Is that a good thing?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

We packed up and continued south through Idaho’s chimney.  I made some comment about tea eggs, like maybe it’s in Ming’s nature to eat eggs that have been treated in intense aging ways.  He agreed.

complexifying addendum

Then the next day, Ming tried to eat more picked eggs.  But he didn’t like them anymore.  He said they were too spicy to eat.

Wow, how confusing.  They seemed fine the first time.  Did they get more spicy?  Maybe the top eggs were not as much by the jalapenos.  Maybe they get spicier as you work your way down.

“Do you want to try?” Ming asked.

“Ok,” I said.  “Just a little bit.”

Bravely I ate a small bite of his rejected egg.  Yes, it was hella spicy, too much for me.

Ming decided to jettison the eggs.  It was a shame to waste much of the jar, but we didn’t have anyone we knew to give them to.


Please try new things and learn about foods you never ate before.  But maybe do it with more people around so someone, at least, is likely to want more.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Also, of note, was the fact the pickled eggs needed refrigeration and our trip reststops could not accommodate such fragility of the glass jar and refrigeration.

I love you conclusion statement. Yes sharing would have been better.

I love you !

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