Dangerous Compassions



Oh hey, if you need more geekery in your life, you might consider reading about types of vision in AD&D.

It was imagination-stoking to think–what if I could tell which spoon was most recently used, because I could faintly see the heat?  I kinda wish I could do that.  Otherwise, I was overwhelmed by the ideas.


More importantly, you might consider learning about iron-rich foods.  I’m no longer anemic like I was after my ulcer.  But I had a menstrual period recently that was so intense and messy, I felt like my life force was flowing out of me.  The menstrual fluid smelled strongly of iron.

I started feeling a bit weak and flickery, like the fasting devotee who’s about to pass out.  That’s not the kind of spirituality that I like.  I don’t need to deny the body to strengthen the spirit.  Honestly I feel like fasting is a privilege of the abled.  For me, it’s not a good idea.

But you know I had that incident when I was in grad school when a young person passed out in front of me, and I caught her.  It was dramatic.  I think it really impressed me that we are animals–we need food.  She seemed ok, but if she had hit her head, she might not have been.

I re-researched iron rich foods.

I want to make some lentil soup.


You know what bothers me about grocery stores?  I wish I could get about a third of a cup of blackstrap molasses.  I could put just a half teaspoon in my oatmeal, bit by bit.  But I can only get a huge thing.

“Do you like the word quantity?” I asked Ming.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Do you like the quality of the word quantity?” I asked.

He thought about it for a moment.  “Yeah,” he said.

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Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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