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Hello, I had a revelation about exercise equipment.  Exercise equipment has always confused me.  Why do people spend thousands of dollars on this mostly metal and plastic that doesn’t actually accomplish anything but exercise, when moving our bodies is free?

Not like you make electricity from it, weave cloth, or make tortillas.  At the end, all you have is sweat, maybe sore muscles, an increased heart rate.

free movement

I recently understood: Exercise equipment is so popular because most people are afraid of their own bodies, afraid of moving their own bodies, afraid of looking foolish, afraid of doing it wrong.  I think it’s about fear.  Exercise equipment gives people a way to move their bodies “correctly,” beyond reproach.

I was dancing at the beach as a musician played guitar for rich tourists at a cafe.  Ming and I were by the visitor’s center, and I had been sitting in the car for a while.  It made sense to dance, so I did.  But I think many people are only going to dance like that, by themselves, if they’ve had alcohol or other drugs as courage.

I didn’t mean to show off or be a spectacle.  But the musician mentioned me on the mic, in his between-song banter.  He said the visitor center’s porch is like a balcony for his shows.  “Here’s one to make you dance,” he said to me, and played a song I actually don’t like at all.  But I did dance.

Why not dance?  Dancing is free.


Before, I used to keep myself very still.  I’d been told to stay still as a young child and only recently understood, I can move however I want and need to.

Wow, freedom feels wonderful.  I move about in many ways.  Stimming to loosen my shoulders, move my lymph, get out some energy and emotions, feel pleasure, check in with myself.  There are so many reasons to move!

I’m glad I’m brave and safe enough to move how I need to nowadays, even though that means looking weird sometimes and breaking society’s rules.

thank you

Thank you for considering my ideas about exercise equipment, capitalism, and social rules.  I hope you are able to get what you need.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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