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hat genius 25

hat genius 25

Hello, I made a new poetry zine: hat genius 25.  I wrote the poems slowly over the months, mostly when Ming and I still lived in Las Vegas.  There’s a new one called “trans” that I wrote a week or two ago, I think somewhere in California.

More recently I finished the zine’s first poem “the carnival is over” and then made a few drawings.  This is my favorite drawing–maybe I should have put it on the cover.  The cover is naked lady flowers.

bearded lady

I laid it out at the library.  That was special and disorienting.  It made me wonder–do we really live here?  How long will we live here?  I was overwhelmed, but it felt great to do something creative.  Ming took some pics.

hat genius 25

Thank you for borrowing a gluestick from the worker, my dear sweetheart Ming.  You help me so much, especially lately.  Thank you for proofreading, supporting me every day, crying about the poem “addict,” and enabling my good life.  I love you.

We copied it here in Ojai.  Ming helped me decide to separate out the two songs–I was consternated about how I wanted to share Floribunda and Song for Danielle, but they don’t really belong with the others.  So I made a mini just for those songs.


That little zine was fun to make too.  It’s brief but hopefully worthwhile.  Up for trades

power of a real name

Also I met someone Thursday at the farmers market, and then today I saw him at a thrift store.  I went to introduce him to Ming, but I used the wrong name.  But actually it was the right name–I remembered his name as his legal name, which he never uses.

“How did you know that was my name?” he asked.

“I dunno–you must have mentioned it, or I heard someone call you that,” I said.

“I never use that name,” he said.

So that could be a coincidence…  Or I could have been psychic, to know his legal name.  Whatever the reason, it seemed to make him uncomfortable.  Like I am a type of witch he is not in favor of.

Oops, my bad.  Sorry I know things.  I’m canny–what can I say.

Other funny things have been happening like that.  One involved a vision of lemons.  Lemons are pretty magical, to be sure.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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