Dangerous Compassions


I’ve been working on a list of skills, mine and Ming’s.  And the traits we share to make positive change.  What do you think?

Ming’s skills
  • permaculture design
  • garden / plant care, composting, sheet mulch 
  • animal care: chickens, goats, bees 
  • selling at Farmers Markets and craft fairs
  • tracking and data entry
  • Registered Nursing: hospital, hospice, personal care, workplace, street medicine
  • visioning and office work for a nonprofit
  • putting on events
  • childcare
  • facilitating meetings and workshops
  • systems analysis
  • problem solving
  • supporting others’ projects
  • talking with anyone and connecting people
  • Non-Violent Communication
Laura-Marie’s skills
  • writing, art, singing
  • making zines
  • cooking veg food for family, community, events, Food Not Bombs
  • social media: instagram, facebook, youtube, soundcloud, forums
  • web design
  • garden / plant care
  • organizing
  • tracking data
  • facilitating meetings and workshops
  • teaching
  • radical mental health
  • putting on events
  • visioning and office work for a nonprofit
  • ritual and altar design
  • listening and remembering
  • emotional labor, being with
  • perceiving and speaking truth
shared traits
  • responsibility
  • communication
  • respectfulness
  • follow through
  • persistence
  • care
  • curiosity
weird things

“Do you have any weird things you’re good at?” I asked Ming.

“I can peel a sticker off almost anything,” he said.

“That is too true,” I said, laughing.

“I can have great conversations with bunnies who don’t talk back,” he said.

Then I hugged him.  “Yeah,” I said.

“I can keep great notes about what happens in my head,” he said.

“Yeah, what a skill!” I said, holding him for a long time.  “Hugging.  You’re good at hugging.”

As for me…

weird things I’m good at
  • finding more strawberries where someone already picked the strawberries
  • freehand art embroidery
  • ecstatic states
  • studying train graffiti or any graffiti
  • thinking of things I would like a Master’s degree in
  • writing spoof artist’s statements
  • sprouting lentils, beans, seeds on the counter for salads
  • understanding things others don’t understand
  • not understanding things everyone else understands
  • overdoing it, homes


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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