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going to Ojai


Hello, we are leaving Bakersfield and relocating to a permaculture farm in Ojai, California today.  Yes, I hope going to Ojai is great for us, and I hope we’re great for the community we’re going to live with.

Yes, there’s an intentional community at the farm.  We’ve made a deal to stay for a month, but we hope we love it there and can settle long term.  We hope to understand their project and that our projects can dovetail in.

Ojai is at the edge of my homeland, inland from Santa Barbara where I did my undergraduate work.  It will feel great to visit the beach, maybe see my best friend and a few other people, and be with those California plants I know so well.

other options

I realized–oops, I made a vow before, never to move to a town where I don’t know anybody.  That was a total shitshow, when I moved to Bishop, California with my ex.  But I’m definitely a more stable, happy person now, and I hope Santa Barbara is nearby enough.  Bishop felt remote at the time.

There are lots of other options, if things don’t go well in Ojai.  We are still pursuing a community house in San Francisco that has openings, and a permaculture farm north of the Bay Area with Ming’s good friends.  I’ve responded to several sublet adverts and craigslist posts.  Many I’ve heard back from and they don’t want a couple, or things just take time.

thank you

Thank you for your prayers and the messages of love and encouragement you’ve shared with us.  We also appreciate those who contributed to our gofundme.  We met our $2000 goal, and some friends contributed funds in other ways also.  That will cut down on the debt we have incurred.

We appreciate the ways you give love and help carry our burden.  You are wonderful.

ps The pic is not in Ojai–it’s a meadow with trees at the Idaho / Montana border.  Lolo Pass, Ming tells me.  Laura-Marie for scale.

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