Dangerous Compassions



Hello, I am so charmed by this art on the chicken coop at the farm we visited.  I would like a master’s degree in chicken coop art.

This is the lemongrass pond in the greenhouse.  It’s such a big, gorgeous greenhouse.


This plant was growing in the garden near some other herbs–may be Greek oregano?  But the leaf didn’t have a strong smell.  Sqaurish stems and dramatic flowers.


For the first time I slept in a yurt.  It’s a big space.


I learned a lot about myself, during this farm visit.  Especially about my feelings and needs about bugs, toilets, nudity, dogs, food prep, showers, cleanliness.  Nature’s rhythms vs city rhythms.  I learned that I prefer to sleep in a small room.  Wow, I had no idea I feel too vulnerable / exposed in a large room.


I wrote a thank you letter to our hosts, and we made a proposal over email to the farm folx about different things we can do for them.  Ming was / is a nurse, so there’s all the nursing stuff.  But we also can cook delicious veg food for crowds.  Ming can do childcare and farm work, and there are many workshops we would like to give, including about Disabled Resilience Permaculture.


deep rest

So the search for home continues.  I really need the deep rest that comes from being in my own room, in my own bed.

But we are not suffering too much.  We slept outside at a free rest stop only once, which was very uncomfortable.  Otherwise we’ve been with friends or in airbnbs.  We’re charging a lot on credit cards, but that just makes us normal Americans now with debt.  Normal homeless Americans, looking for home.

It may turn out to be a farm–it may not.  Please keep us in your prayers.  And thank Mother God if you have your own bed to rest in.

I thank Mother God for sunrise, the unconditional self-love I feel, that so many friends are rooting for us and contributed to the gofundme, for the trustworthy, kind, patient love of Ming, for the gifts my ancestors handed me that are priceless, and for so much I’ve learned along the way.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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