Dangerous Compassions

real safety

Hey, I was talking to Ming about real safety.  It had to do with an experience we had I may not be ready to talk about.

So much is fresh.  Travel seems to keep it fresh, with no home base to return to for home-rest and processing of what I learn.  The outside world is hard work to encounter!  I do some processing as I sleep and dream.  And talking to friends.

Being in motion this much is strange.  I long for the familiar.  Bunny has become more important, my emotional first aid kit, the snake necklace, my own clothes.

I shared a cat meme on social media that I find funny.  The meme was for attention for a post.  It’s about capitalism, revolution.

real safety

A good friend saw the meme and said they want revolution, but they want all their friends to be safe.

Yes, I agreed.  What we have now is fake safety for people who have money and are mostly white, cis, abled.  The goal of revolution as I see it is real safety for everyone, even people like you and me.


Ming and I were buying hair things.  He’s been cautioned in Las Vegas against wearing a certain color hair thing, by a random dude at the water mill.

“We shouldn’t get blue,” Ming said, gesturing to a hair thing.  “But we shouldn’t get red either.”

“Oh, this is burgundy–maybe it’s dark enough that it’s not really red?” I asked.

“Maybe,” Ming said.

“I don’t wanna get jumped!” I said.

gang activity

We were in Winnemucca, Nevada.  What is the gang activity?

“The only gang here is probably the cops,” Ming said.

I laughed.  “Right,” I said.  “The gang colors here are the American flag.”

Do even the cops have real safety?  Weapons aren’t safety, in my opinion.  Real safety is love, community, and the people who surround us having open hearts and emotional riches.  Not money riches, which rust and get moth-corrupted.


Violence can’t make safety–only love can do that.  Violence makes cages and borders.  But love builds bridges and feeds us delicious foods.  Yes–safety through delicious salads.

real safety

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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