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inner life

inner life

I made this art that reflects my inner life of prayer and what’s important that I’m not supposed to talk about.

forest spirit’s favorite machine is compass
ball point pen and watercolor on reclaimed product packaging cardstock
Laura-Marie River Victor Nopales
Idaho and Nevada July 11 2022

Forest Spirit’s Favorite Machine is Compass is a diptych I made on the back of a falafel package.  It’s for a travel altar, blessing travelers such as myself to love Mother Earth and find the way.

I didn’t have any water with me, so I wet the watercolor with protection rosemary spray that I made in ritual a few months ago, which makes it extra special.  I’ll check tomorrow if it still smells of rosemary oil.

I had this green ball point pen with me, and I had a vision of putting a green wash on everything.  So we went to Walmart and I got a child’s watercolor set for $1.29.  The green was a little darker than I wanted, but pretty much this art makes sense to me and does what I want it to.

At a weird espresso shop somewhere in rural Idaho, I bought three small rocks which I think are strawberry calcite.  Wow, they are cute.  You know strawberries are my dearest bright sweet delicious homeland fruit soul nourishment.

So I want to set up the diptych and special rocks in our room to pray and bless the space.  The house we’re in right now is about horses, guns, and it’s hard to relax.  Get me out of here!


This is a very good art for travelers because the compass will help me find home.  The earth forest spirit is made of love energy.  I have faith!  We can do it!

Thank you for supporting me in what I love and what I need to make, as I express this inner life and try to find home in the outer life.  The journey is long, but the reward is great.

oh wait

I set it up.  There’s the strawberry calcite, the cute yellow pocket knife I impulse bought at a fruit stand in Idaho for $3.99, and a ziplock of vitamin c and zinc, nice wellness supplements for a traveler trying to dodge pandemic.  The ziplock is wrapped in an Imbolc artifact and bi bracelet.

travel altar

Love to all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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