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you make me wish I wasn’t homeless

you make me wish I wasn't homeless

Hello, I wrote a new song.  First it was called You make me wish I wasn’t homeless.  Now I think it’s called Song for Danielle.  Wow, and it was her birthday yesterday.

The song is heartfelt and has some funny parts, and I hope you like it.  Please hear it if you can and share with a friend.

Also we made a gofundme for our moving expenses and this unplanned travel as we’ve been looking for a home.  A few friends asked for a way to donate.  So here’s the link.  Thank you for your prayers and love.

song for Danielle

you make me wish i had an address
i wish i could receive you somewhere
i wish you could be my visitor
you make me wish i wasn’t homeless

i’d make you a beautiful grilled cheese sandwich
at night i feel vulnerable
in the morning i feel safer
i’d make you fancy lemonade with ginger

i remember when you brought your baby
to the radical mental health collective meeting
he was not 18 so violated our policy
but i don’t think he was listening

you make me wish i had the resources
to fly to Florida and be a person
you make me wish i was slightly less crazy
to rest in my seat and get through security

you could bring your brilliance
your children
your art making
books muffins cupcakes
being who nourishes
bright goddess welcoming
i wish i could welcome you


How have you been lately?  Have you lived through time periods without a home?  Some people see it as exciting and free.  Some people see the fear.

There was a short time I was without a home after I left my ex, as Ming and I were getting together.  It was terrifying.  This go around, at least I have a solid relationship, and more life skills as a 40-something.  I love myself now, which is a kind of strength that changes everything.

Ming and I don’t have money, but we have credit and love.  Friends are contributing to the gofundme, which is a good feeling but another kind of vulnerable.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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