Dangerous Compassions



My friend gave me this talisman for safe travels.  She gave it to me at my going away party #2–I put it in my cartoon bag and never took it out.

Yes, it seems effective!  No car wrecks, delays, or flat tires on this trip, which is turning out much longer than planned.   Ming’s car had a tire issue, but he dealt with it in Walla Walla before it became a problem.

I think the talisman had been given to my friend, and it felt right for her to pass it along to me.  I accept it happily.  It’s larger than other St Christopher medallions I’ve seen before.  Maybe for the visually impaired?


There was a really noisy bed we slept on.  It was a lovely resting place for two nights.  But turning over was super loud!

I suggested to Ming that maybe it was an extra loud bed for the hearing impaired.  We giggled in the pillows.

It seemed old fashioned.  So many kinds of beds in this world.


Back to the talisman idea.  I made that zine Protection–not very many copies so far, so you probably haven’t read it.  It has ideas for how to feel safe and grounded.  I mention refilling salt shakers, charging electronic devices, and telling the truth about fears to a few friends.

Making a talisman or just using one is a great idea for protection also.  Trusting my friend as someone who loves me very much, I accept the object and its energy.  Whether the protection is real or make believe or something else, having a talisman is helpful.  It’s easy to have around and kind of pretty.  So why not?

It reminds me of my friend and how she wanted to care for me.  And it reminds me of that going away party which was probably the best party I’ve ever been to.  It was so good that it’s hard for me to even accept that it was a party.  Like we need a new name for whatever we did there.

Remembering that my friend loves me can help me make better choices and take good care of me and Ming on a trip.  So just that could be a way that a talisman works.  Love can be very grounding.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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