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no face no case

no face no case

Hello, I’m obsessed with this art that’s on the fridge of our friends’ house.  No face, no case is a cool concept.  And the graphic is nice too, teaching me how to use a tee-shirt in a new way.

I’m thinking it’s about court.  Activists who protest, do street art, and otherwise make mischief are encouraged to cover up their faces in order to avoid conviction.  These days I’m not doing too much mischief that would likely get me arrested.  I don’t need to practice no face, no case.

But I love freedom, as you know.  I love people standing up to oppression and pain.  Power is on the side of the powerful, but the needs of the people are dear to me.  Standing up for those needs is sacred.

Long ago when I was first getting to know Ming, he posted something on his facebook about how to get out of zip tie handcuffs.  It impressed me greatly, and was a small piece of my falling in love with him.  This art reminds me of that momentous facebook post.


It also reminds me of this video I saw before about de-arrest.  I don’t normally watch videos, but this one is special to me.  There’s an energetic punk song, and then many clips of protest footage mostly, of evasion.  Content warning for violence and intense situations.


Here are a few other beautiful things I see at my friends’ house.  I like this yarrow clothespin-clipped to part of a shelf in the kitchen.  There to dry, it’s yarrow for tomorrow.


I also like the paint chips all over, as friends decide what colors they like for what rooms.  These sunny yellows delight me.

paint chips

The rose bushes gave me an ecstatic experience.  First I was in intense menstrual pain, cried, and suffered.


Then I went outside for some sun and spent time with these gorgeous white roses.   I watched many pollinators come and go.  Strangely, I started to feel like I was one of the little bees, pausing in a rose, drunk on love.

So I wrote a poem.  The contrast between the pain of the menstrual suffering and the bliss of the roses was intoxicating.  I think it’s going to be a song–will share with you later.  Thank you for holding us in your hearts.  We love you.

face and case

By Laura-Marie

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