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your home

your home

“Your home” is a letter to friends.

thank you

Thank you for letting us stay in your home as we regroup and figure out what to do.  Last night I slept eight hours after more than a week of serious sleep deprivation.  I’ve been so stressed and suffering, putting my body through hell.  It’s healing to be here.

This morning Ming and I went for a short walk in the neighborhood, looking at yard flowers and two little free libraries.


I cooked delicious foods, and we explored your backyard: the flowers, the tall grass, the mossy-trunked tree near the shed that we couldn’t identify, those beautiful triangular planters.  The weeds you haven’t pulled yet, the pulled weeds in a pile waiting for the green waste can, outdoor chairs, smoking materials on the patio.

For lunch I made white beans with garlic.  Ants have been looking for something in your cabinets.  We spoke with your housemate a few times.  Co was very kind to us, helping us find this fan, and explaining the recycling procedure.  We talked about cos job, local tempeh, the weather, and our situation as things are.

I noticed the zine rack in your living room and how you have the zines categorized.  What a great idea!  I saw Please Pass the Plants #2 in the diy section.  Then I bound some zines and slipped a copy of fish letters 8 into the sex / power slot.


Ming and I contacted two intentional communities in Portland to arrange visits.  It will be a long day, driving there and back, but we can do it.

I sorted through a bag that was full of dreams for our new life.  Recipes I wanted to make for our new community members to eat for dinner, wind chimes we received as wedding gifts eight years ago that we wanted to hang on the porch.  The Earth flag I wanted to fly, new art I wanted to put up in our bedroom.  It hurts to see how those plans didn’t come to fruition.

But I’m writing a ritual involving the lemon we picked from that backyard.  Much of what I wanted we can still do, just somewhere else.  Crustless quiche, my favorite rice and beans, and the special nut sauce I could make anywhere.


Your neighborhood is beautiful, and we love these plants.  Thank you for giving us a haven here, this blessed week at your home.  We love you.

Laura-Marie and Ming

your home

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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