Dangerous Compassions


salad pumpkin

“You’re a cute lil salad!” I said to Ming.

We were at a Thai place in a town I can’t recall, on a roadtrip.  We were fleeing a situation that wasn’t safe for us, headed to the house of two friends who are a married couple.  Yes, when in doubt, hie your ass to Oregon.

“You’re a cute lil salad!” Ming said back to me.  We had just been served unexpected salads, in a sweet white dressing, and this bonus felt nice.

“No, I’m not little,” I said.  “I’m a huge salad filled with weird ingredients you didn’t know you needed.”

It was a middle time–intense fear of the unknown, with confused freedom-elation like waking up from a nightmare.  That…ah!!!

brave love

What would you do, if you could do anything?  We saw this roadside Saturn heart art.  Graffiti about love is my favorite.


And beautiful feral sweet peas, brave in the weeds.  I looked at many many flowers, just staring into their faces for a while.  That comforted me greatly, that roadside flood of flower pleasure.  Sunny, shady–some white, but mostly pink.  Thinking of the past, while feeling the present moment’s reality, with these radiant plant intelligences sharing the earth with me.


At Mt Shasta the town, I saw this American flag waving over the no panhandling sign.  It made me laugh and laugh.  Oh, the irony.


Then Ming photographed me by this roadside woods.  Summer here is not like summer in the desert.  So different.

not salad


Previously in the Bay Area, we needed gas as we headed north.  While looking for gas we happened upon a festival of Indian food trucks.  What?  That’s the best dream I ever had!

This one was first, small, and had the coolest paint job.

food truck

I saw in the gutter these beer bottles of my homeland, coated in a material, with caution tape.  Thought you might like that tableau.  They reminded me of a two-headed No Way sign.

no way

On a night drive, I felt asleep over and over.  I liked how this red light from the cell charger cast a mood.

red lights

thank you

There are so many more things I could tell you and show you.  But maybe these are enough for now.  My friend asked for pictures of the journey.

Thank you for caring about me and my projects.  Please hold us in your heart as we change and grow.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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