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interview with Dabby Longlegs

interview with Dabby Longlegs

Last month I had an interview with Dabby Longlegs about riding trike, radical mental health, power, healing, zines, the gifts my ancestors gave me, the love I feel in my body.  Yesterday it posted.  Yay!

Please consider listening to this interview with Dabby Longlegs.  It’s a conversation about being unconditionally valid.  Art, activism, health, and embodiment are all part of it.  Community, authenticity, sharing truth, being a weirdo and empowering other weirdos.  Aw, my favorite things.

Dabby Longlegs is a brilliant artist who plays theramin, does sexy dancing, consults, and helps me learn new facts about gender and culture.  I’m grateful that this interview helped me speak my truth in new ways.  Thank you, Dabby!

And thank you, reader, for caring about me and my projects.  Love to your creations also.

happy solstice

Happy solstice.  The summer energy is strong.

I saw two big grapefruits unexpectedly on Monday, and they reminded me of the sun.  That’s not much solstice celebration, but something changed inside of me.  So thank you to grapefruits also.

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