Dangerous Compassions


I made a new mini-zine–it’s called Protection.  It’s one legal size paper folded up, with words in the middle also.


I’ve had great feedback about How Not to Domestic Violence Anyone.  So I realize these small ones can be very meaningful, even though they’re funsize.  I’m happy to experiment with what works and how I can share my writing in ways that are well-received.

Protection is about rosemary, my favorite plant for protection.  I talk about the ways I help myself feel safe, when I’m feeling too exposed–I list activities.  Some are practical–some are witchy.

There’s a list of who I pray to including the moon and my own body, and there’s an example protection prayer.  I talk about rosemary steam.  There’s a list of songs that help me feel powerful and might help you feel powerful too.  I list some of the kind things I say to myself in my head, to help me feel safer.

There are ideas for how to create a world with more protection, like donating to justice groups like your local street medics, working toward a soteria house, speaking up for access needs, and cooking for vulnerable neighbors.  Overall, I like this zine very much.  No one has seen it yet except for me and Ming.  So I hope to share with friends soon.

avantpop punk poetry antholozine

I got my contributor’s copies of Avantpop Punk Poetry Antholozine the other day.  I have three poems in this zine.  They are some of my favorite recent poems.


Ming and I went to Avantpop Bookstore‘s opening night.  We went early and missed the shibari performance.  It was fun to be out, when I’m almost never among people, except at a park or grocery store sometimes.  Stressful and interesting.


It was cool to check out the bookstore’s new space.  Previously it was the site of Happy Earth Market, which we loved.  So it’s weird to be back there, with a totally different vibe.


I related to this furniture–sometimes I wish people were not so quick to lean on me.  Just sometimes.


Ming bought me this giggle gangster sticker.  I love that phrase.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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