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fat zine archive

fat zine archive

Hello, how are you doing?  Hopefully enjoying life, finding moments of intense pleasure within stress and heartache, like delicious bright blueberries in the muffin of existence.  I hope you’re loving yourself however you are today, a valuable miracle of survival.  I want to tell you about this fat zine archive that some people I admire have put together.

fat zine archive

The fat zine archive can be found here.

Welcome to a Fat Liberation Archive

Fat liberation is important to me.  I hope you can visit this archive and read zines, get new ideas, and feel nourished by truth.  What a service to the world!

I submitted two zines of my own that are not in the archive yet.  My friend told me that the two zines I mailed in to be scanned and included are forthcoming: Trike Diaries and A Special Treehouse for Fat People.  It’s work to scan things and write the image descriptions.


Liberation is a lot of work too.  Our lives are intersectional.  So many oppressions, privileges, needs, skills, differences, disabilities, predilections, and preferences all combine to form our lives.

I’m happy to be a zinester and have access to a beautiful diy thread of art and words that can help the world have more justice and goodness.  Zines sidestep publishing companies and the need to be profitable.  I love zines for being by the people and sharing voices that often go unheard.


How is your liberation going?  What do you need to be free of?

The world tells me that I’m fat, fat is wrong, and I need to harm myself into a smaller Laura-Marie.  But I’m not into that, for a lot of reasons.  My liberation is going smashingly.  There’s judgement to shed, and the reward is great.

Happiness can’t be bought or sold.  When I find some glimmers of liberation, I can share them with others.  Please take this flickering liberation-fairy-light.  What a joy, to share happiness with people who need it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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