Dangerous Compassions

wild fruits

We went for a desert walk and saw wild fruits.  Please let me tell you about them.

Lots of possible lasts–feels sad.  Not sure how much we’ll make it back to the Las Vegas area, after we move.  Was that our last walk, at this trail we like near the Red Rock campground?  Maybe it was.

But I felt very excited to see the wild fruits on the yucca.  Then we saw the joshua trees had fruited also.  The fruits are slightly different.

yucca fruits

The wild fruits on the yucca trees were shaped kind of like a chile pepper.  They taper at the flower end and might have a little twist.  Or not a twist, but a kink at the end, like the tail of a special cat.

wild fruits

They also have this lobed-ness.  And a pale green color.  They felt firm to the touch.  I didn’t detect a smell.  The yucca fruits hang down and are separate.

These yucca fruits have a purple tinge and are pointed at the ends.  Aren’t they beautiful?

yucca fruits

joshua tree fruits

The joshua tree fruits have a lot in common with the yucca fruits.  A difference is they seem more compact and together.  They also have more symmetry.

wild fruits

What do you think of the joshua tree fruits?  I think they’re lovely.  I favor joshua trees over yucca trees.  But I think I like the yucca fruits better.

joshua tree

Both had a sap-like material on them.  I didn’t get a good picture of that.


Why was I seeing these fruits for the first time?  I think the weather this year is slightly different from other years.  Maybe the trees flowered and fruited a little early this year?  So I get to see the fruits because I’m not shut in with summer’s intolerable heat.

Or maybe I’m more motivated to walk in the desert this year since Ming and I are on our way back to California.

This is my favorite wild fruit.

wild fruit

By Laura-Marie

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