Dangerous Compassions


We’ve been taking abandoned cactus from the community garden.  First was a succulent.  It was dried up and looked almost dead, when we captured it.  It’s so pretty now!  And about to bloom.


Then we took this cow tongue cactus.  It was dried up too but still alive.  Now it’s plump and happy, growing a new leaf.  Yeah!  Nice job taking the opportunity, oputina.


Is this why people love to adopt shelter animals and help them live happy lives?  Pets are not for me, but plants are for sure.

We picked up another one, and we hope it will survive and do ok.  There’s a pile of junk someone left at the garden months ago, and withered cactus can be found among the junk.

We don’t want to bring cactus when we move, so these plants will be gifts to friends and community members.  Thank you for sticking with us, all these years, through every thorny situation, helping us stick up for ourselves and our needs, feeling the strength of our spines.


At the community garden, we saw dark figs on the fig trees.  I was surprised they were ready.  We picked a few to try.  The flavor was nice, but they had a dry texture inside.

Ming reached this huge one.  Fig the system!


My joy was finding delicious apricots.  Wow, I had no idea those sacred fruits would be ready.  At first I could not believe my eyes.


Yummy yummy!  We ate a few, and then Ming went back to harvest dried beans from our bean plants.  He picked a few more apricots then.

Fresh apricots from a tree are a delicious treat.  Thank you to Mother God for sweet gifts of joy.


I posted this quote on social media and at least eleven people shared it.  Wow, yes–so true.  Water is life.


I added that a loving people, a functional culture, and appropriate priorities could be signified by a drinkable river also.  Thank you for loving Mother Earth and working for justice however you can.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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