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fake chicken ginger fried rice

fake chicken ginger fried rice

Hello, I made a new kind of fried rice that’s amazing and quick.  It’s very yummy fake chicken ginger fried rice.


First I made some zucchini.  So that means I washed it, sliced it in one centimeter slices, and then cut those disks into fourths.  I sauteed those in olive oil at medium-high heat to brown them.  Grateful for my favorite wok!

Then I took some fake chicken of the kind that’s common at Trader Joe’s.  They sell it by the tofu.  I cut it into bite-sized pieces and sauteed that in olive oil too.

I minced a garlic clove and added that when the fake chicken was golden.


And I put black pepper and some ground dried ginger.  That was the edgy part.  I love fresh ginger, but is ground dried ginger even good?

I smelled the ground ginger.  It smelled good, like ginger tea.  But would it be good in my fried rice?

There was half a bag of frozen brown rice of the kind that Ming enjoys, left over in the fridge, so I threw that in my wok to heat with the fake chicken and garlic.  Then I put the zucchini back in.  It looked amazing.  I put some fancy soy sauce at the very end.

Then I tried it.  Wow!  So good!  And so easy.  I really want to remember this one.  I decided to try the fake chicken ginger fried rice with broccoli.

fake chicken ginger fried rice with broccoli

Yes, it was very good too, but not as good as the zucchini version.  Why is that?  Maybe it needed more pepper?  More oil?  The broccoli was just microwave steamed.  So maybe it had less flavor than the browned zucchini.

It was really good too, but did not blow my mind.

fake chicken ginger fried rice

jollof rice

Today I heard of jollof rice.  It’s a West African dish, and I want to try it.  Sounds like a nourishing comfort food.  I’m intrigued because it sounds similar to a rice I used to make called special rice.  Special rice was my own version of my mom’s Mexican rice.

I like the jollof rice sauce being made in a blender.  It was fun to look at several recipes to compare them.  I can’t have concentrated tomato–a little tomato is ok, but tomato paste is not appropriate for my stomach.

So I can’t really eat this food.  But it was fun to drool over recipes.  Maybe one day I can make it for Ming.


Rice is the best food in the world!

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