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Hello, I made this new poetry meme: I can’t maintain my pretension for very long.  It’s about dictionfucking.  I think it’s a masterpiece, but no one else seems to pay it much mind.  Ah well.

I took a public domain dancer pic and put it thought a filter with flares.  Then I cropped out that app’s watermark and made the meme on googleslides, which is how I make all my memes.  How do you make yours?

meme origin

I have a new friend who inspires new thoughts.  I’m excited to speak with them!  We have important aspects in common: radical mental health, very verbal autism, deep desire to do right.

But they have a body very unlike mine; I know the world can treat fat and thin people very differently.  Also they have some expertise that I don’t have at all, and they come from another part of the US.  They know different seasons with lots of snow.

It’s fun to learn with this friend.  And we had a conversation about language use in reference to disability.  It made me think of grad school where pretension was mistaken for intelligence, most of the time.  Or how rich you can sound.  Those are ways of having and flashing power.

I can codeswitch and do, but I told my friend I can’t maintain my pretension very long.  Then I brought up the idea of dictionfucking like gender fucking.  I consider dictionfucking a way to intentionally, creatively subvert the dominant diction of a space to play with culture and power.  It’s fun but makes a point also, about class and race and justice.

Language can be a performance.  I will play the game, but in my own way which is not pretentious consistently.

fantasy thesis titles

Wow, yeah, I should get a master’s degree in dictionfucking.  Sounds fun.  My thesis could be like Flexing Urban Vernacular in the Ivory Tower: How Hip Hop Culture Enriches the Spaces that Oppress It.  Wow, sounds hot.

Or how about Poor Word Choice in the Workplace: How Corporate-Speak is Richly Complexified by Poverty Diction.  Hmm.  Not sure about that one.

How about Watch Your Words: the Commercial Exploitation of Slang in Visual Entertainment.

Shit, I could get a grant for all that.


It reminds me of lyrics to a song I heard recently.  Someone mentioned being on the gram.  I thought it was a reference to drugs, like cocaine specifically.  My reading made sense, and I was pleased with the insightful wordplay.

Later I realized it might have been about instagram.  Jeeze!  I am such a bumpkin, and getting old to boot.  Still laughing about that one.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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