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mad mappin

Hello.  I made a new zine: mad mappin.

mad mappin

It’s colorful!  It’s a mini and a different size than usual, at one-sixth size.  I cut each piece of paper into thirds, and then those strips are folded in half.

I really needed to do something different!  So I’m happy that I could make that a reality, with the inspiration of Dolphin Island’s survivor-centric mad map workshop.  And support of my dear spouse Ming.  Always enabling me in the best ways.  Thank you, sweetheart.

It’s a mad map, so it’s a document / plan that helps me understand my needs and maintain my wellness while keeping my personal power as best I can.  I can share it with people I love for community care and as a good example.

Self-knowledge can help us stay out of the hospital, which is my goal.  I fuckin’ hate hospitals.  So let me get to mad mappin’!

The workshop was created specifically for survivors and the people who love us, which was a great way to narrow the mad maps scope and do love for some people who need it.


Did you ever see my zine functionally ill 30: wellness plan?  It came out two years ago.  That one is very wordy; I tried to be comprehensive.  I talk about how I joined TMAPs, and there I learned a few things that helped me make a wellness plan.  My lists are huge.

This new version is looser, shorter, dreamy, and based on how I felt the day I made it.  There’s less attempt at comprehensiveness–I try to be more authentic and direct with my dreaminess.  Dreamily direct.

I think it works well!  People could get a lot out of it.

My previous zine How Not to Domestic Violence Anyone was also a mini.  I worried it might be pointless to create something so short about a topic so big.  But I got some great feedback that it’s helpful, and the bite-sized-ness is a welcome.  Some people want ideas in a smaller space–of course.

So I hope this mini mad mappin’ will be helpful like that also.  I’m proud of my work.


Please trade me.  It’s 24 pages including covers, sixth size, listy with few complete sentences, dreamy, and has some cute drawings too.  Color means it’s more expensive to make, but I hope the color helps it enter the mind in a powerful way.

Happy to share my art with you, toward radical mental health and love-justice for all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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