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Hello, I’m so excited–my second guest blog post Disabled Permaculture is out on my friend’s Awkward Botany blog.  Please take a look!

I talk about how Ming and I are disabled, how disabled permaculture is a great way for us to garden and do community, and how it’s part of our interdependent family.  Gardening is ongoing and helps our wellness.  There’s a part about tree collards as an example of disabled permaculture.

I’m happy to reach my friend’s thousands of readers as a guest, to share these ideas that are so important to me.  Disabled permaculture is a great way to heal.  Connecting to Mother Earth can be helpful for many people, improving our quality of life and giving us joy.

how good Ming is

Ming did something very kind to help an awkward, dorky person.  The awkward, dorky person was not me, for a change.  Hahahah!

“You’re like a saint, but better.  Because you don’t carve ‘Jesus’ on your chest,” I told Ming.  “And nobody kills you.  That I know of.”

“Hmm!’ Ming said.

“You’re like a saint, but functional,” I said, smiling.

Then we laughed.  We decided that was a very good compliment.


I offered my friend some wonderful books of poems, as Ming and I are moving.  I’d like to downsize some of my stuff.  This friend is a poet, and they’ve liked poetry books I’ve sent to them before.  But they said no, they want to be more minimalist in what they own.

“What if I recorded myself reading some poems and put them on youtube?” I asked.

“That would be ok,” my friend said.

So I asked permission of the friends whose poems I read, and they said yes!  Yay!  Here’s the video.  Thank you to Ming for holding my phone.  I love you.

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