Dangerous Compassions



“First of all, he likes us.  Second of all, he needs us,” I told Ming.  “Fourth of all, why would he even want to do that?”

In the bathroom, I realized I’d skipped item number three.  Oops.  In my dismay, I erred on my numbers.


Do you read in your dreams?  I often read in my dreams, but my friend said it’s rare.  Then she found an article about the topic, and it says that people who read in their dreams are usually hyperverbal people, like writers, and especially poets.

Wow, that’s me!  How exciting, that I can do a rare thing.  Maybe I could win the reading in dreams olympics.  Oh wait.  Who cares?  Like many of the things that make me special, reading in dreams isn’t needed or valued by the world.

I specified to my friend that numbers in dreams are a whole different matter.  Doing math doesn’t work for me.  Trying to dial a cellphone in a dream is impossible.  She said she never tried to dial a cellphone in her dream.

I’ve tried to use cell phones, calculators, and do other number stuff in my dreams and failed mightily.  This video is about the best dream I ever had, and it mentions trying to call someone on my cell phone.


“Are you sad?” I asked Ming.  We were lying in bed, talking about changes in our community.

“No…  Well, I feel a lot slower than you do,” Ming said.

An appreciation dawned on me, how true that is.  Ming’s understanding of the truth can be so brilliant, direct, and helpful.

“Yeah, I feel pretty fast,” I said.


Ming’s brilliance can come out through language, even though he has a language-related learning disability.  It’s such a cliche, that people with disabilities can do amazing things in a different way.  But it’s true.

I thought I could never organize a radical mental health collective, but the Las Vegas one has been going for five years now.  Wow!

Thank you for being brave and doing it in your own way, Laura-Marie.  Leadership from an outlier introvert with sensory and social differences is going to be something different from the usual.  But the world needs different.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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