Dangerous Compassions



There are things to love other than people.  When people let you down, please don’t think there’s nothing to live for.  There’s every season.  Landforms, plants.  The sky.  You can care for Mother Earth.  There are always animals.

You can throw yourself into art.  You can pull back–way, way back–with fewer friends.  Stop publishing so widely and put more energy into caring for yourself, Ming, and Bunny.  You can learn how to make really good vegetarian sausages–I believe in you.

If you’re in a position where humanity is hurting you too much, there are other options.  I’m sorry you gave a lot and your cup was not refilled.  Thank you for speaking your truth and trying something new.  I’m sorry you’re not getting what you need.  You’re ok.

We all have different energy levels for different activities.  It’s ok to change–in fact, I’d hope you would change.


Please don’t think you need to do the same things in the same way.  The world is vast.  So many biomes and cultures.  Think of
South America, Asia, Africa–you’ve seen very little of the world.

The world is way bigger than your imagination, and there are so many things to do.  You don’t need to live the same life you live now.

You could spend a year just looking at the stars.  Seriously–become a day sleeper, and a star gazer.  That could be a wonderful life for you.  You never ever thought of that till now, let alone tried it.  The universe is your home and a gift to you.  Please accept the gift.


I’m sorry so much is monitized, and people are fighting for scraps like dogs.  I’m sorry your culture taught you money.   How people look is not what’s important.  That must really hurt, that what you most value isn’t important to other people.  But I respect you and will respect you always.  I’ll always be here for you.

I’m sorry you’re feeling let down.  Yes, everything can look so bleak.  But the little bird chirping outside in the courtyard is as real as your suffering.  I think it’s a finch.  Later the sunlight will feel good on your skin, if you can drag yourself outside.

Please ask for help.  I know your needs seem weird and impossible to meet.  But thank you for trying.


I’m proud of you–your ancestors are very proud of you.  They handed you things to do, and you’re doing them.  They cheer for you, silently, on the other side.

There are rivers and lakes to immerse yourself into.  So many delicious foods to eat.  Please survive at least through asparagus season.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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