Dangerous Compassions

what I do every day

what I do every day

What I do every day changes, over the years.  I wanted to list some things for you.

idiosyncratic things
  • gratitude journal with Ming
  • sit in the sun in the driveway, catching some rays
  • watch an episode of Easy Spanish on youtube–this one is rather typical, but I like the part with the little kid


  • release a blog post and promote it on facebook
  • write a blog post or two, various places
  • message with the four friends I check in with every day
simple basic things
  • get some movement / exercise
  • eat three meals and a snack or two
  • shower
  • brush teeth twice
  • sleep at least six hours
  • hug / cuddle with Ming
  • check the calendar for what’s coming up the next day
things I do often but not daily
  • sing
  • dance
  • work on zines
  • make an art
  • write in my journal
  • write in my dream journal
things I used to do daily but not anymore
  • listen to Sufjan Stevens album Carrie and Lowell
  • go for a walk
  • go for a trike ride
  • wash my hair
  • eat a sandwich for lunch
  • talk to my mom
  • eat a banana
  • check the mailbox
  • visit McKinley Park in Sacramento
  • smoke cigarettes
  • garden at the ashram in Sacramento
  • free breakfast at Wellspring (every weekday)

Dailiness is comforting.  It’s easier when I don’t have to decide–I just know I do it every day.  No pondering necessary.

Some could say it’s compulsive, but it gives structure to my life in a positive way and helps me feel safe.  Especially the daily blogging some might say was excessive.  But it feels good for me, to broadcast truth that often.

I think it’s an autism thing, to need that self-created structure.  I love freedom, but I also need consistency to feel safe and like my world is trustworthy.  When my mom died, I lost all sense of the world as an ok place.  It’s been a difficult journey to get back to where I like the world at all and believe I can survive here.

Often I’d like to retreat to my small inner world.  What I do every day includes a lot that’s inner, but some things get me out of the house, like the daily driveway sunning.  And staying connected to people outside of my own household is important for my stability, not to single-source on Ming.


Thank you for supporting me in my differences and needs.  What do you do every day?  What values are reflected in your daily activities?

The values I see reflected in what I do every day are creativity, desire to be emotionally well, responsibility, and reaching out to share my truth and my life experience.  I love using my gifts.

No way am I going to hide them under a bushel–no!  I’m gonna let it shine.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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