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how not to domestic violence anyone

Hello, I’m excited I made a new mini-zine: how not to domestic violence anyone.

how not to domestic violence anyone

How not to domestic violence anyone is about relationship skills.  Many people grow up with domestic violence.  Being told not to lash out physically in arguments is one thing, but knowing how to accomplish that is another.  A lot of people have to attend an anger management class after violence, but it would be better to prevent violence to begin with.

These are strategies that work for me, to have intense conversations and arguments with Ming, but never harm his body or his property.  It’s good to know I can feel a full range of feelings and welcome my anger.  But in a way that’s safe and no one is going to get physically hurt.

It’s a mini-zine–one page legal size, folded up, handwritten, with words on the inside also.  It’s a good way to dip into these ideas and hear from someone who’s managing anger mostly well.

You might not consider yourself a person who would do domestic violence.  But if you find yourself in a volatile relationship, or if your moods change over time to more reactive or more impulsive, you might need ways to stay nonviolent.  If you endure injury, are in a lot of pain, or otherwise have a change in how your body works, you might become more susceptible to acting violently.

some strategies

How not to domestic violence anyone talks about…

  • committing to respect and ways to reinforce that
  • emotional self-awareness
  • stress management with a list of ideas
  • how to make good relationship choices, getting close to people who meet nonviolent criteria in their behaviors as well as their words
  • how to take a bird’s eye view during an intense conversation to get helpful perspective, with questions to ask from the sky
  • learning to be compassionate even while angry

I’m open to trades.  Thank you for caring about what’s important to me and working toward a nonviolent world in many ways.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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