Dangerous Compassions


spinachHello, I would like to talk to you about spinach.  One of the marvels of modern life is prewashed spinach, in my opinion.  We never need to eat sandy stuff again.  Yes!

Spinach is so green and good.  It tastes like green bliss.  Like energy itself, condensed into bright, green leaf concentrated joy.  Yummy yummy!  Give me more, please!

I remember when prewashed spinach became plentiful in stores, when I was a young adult.  What joy, to include it in all my sandwiches, make lovely salads whenever I want, and cook some up willynilly!  A little olive oil in the pan, put the spinach, a clove of minced garlic at the end.  Maybe some salt.  What could be better?

Other good uses include throwing some in beans at the end, in a Thai curry, in soyrizo and egg burritos, tofu scramble, soup–very easy, to add a handful or two to whatever savory dish.  Just for some fresh brightness.

is that you coffin?

Do you love spinach also?  The bags at Trader Joe’s are nice, but so expensive.  Sometimes Ming will be at another grocery and buy a spinach coffin.  I think it’s a pound of spinach.

I hated how Ming would stuff the box in a produce drawer, and it would crumple with sound, a plastic obnoxiousness in the way.  So I requested that we buy the coffin, then transfer the leaves into something else.  A big ziplock, a clean produce bag?

Ming bought these meshy reusable produce bags that are white and opaque.  It annoyed me that I was not consulted about this life change.  Now I was supposed to accept my spinach was in this opaque fluffy Santa bag.  How annoying.

I think we’re going to discontinue the use of the meshy bags.  Or maybe they’re ok for zucchini and bell peppers.


I made some pesto and it was the best pesto I ever made, but so rich I couldn’t have a lot of it.

  • sesame seeds
  • tahini
  • pecans
  • spinach
  • basil
  • olive oil
  • miso
  • garlic clove

All that blended in a blender.  Yeow!

spinach pesto

The miso gave it such a creamy goodness.  Great use of spinach also.  I had it on tempeh and quinoa for breakfast.

other marvels

Other marvels of modern life include cockroach poison, zines, the internet, microwave ovens I suppose.  Dentistry is horrible, but might be better than tequila and pliers in someone’s garage.

Love to your veg experiences and green needs.  Love to your tummy and your entire sacred body.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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