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bumblebee song

bumblebee song

Hello, we recorded the bumblebee song.  We recorded it before, years ago.  Originally we wrote it in 2013, in Mt Shasta the town, and we sang it for years with my nibblings and my mom.  It was a family song, good for any age of person.

My community member loaned me his USB microphone for an online interview I was supposed to do last month for So Many Wings and Madness Radio.  I plugged the mic into my chromebook.  Singing the bumblebee song was a fun way to try out the new mic.

Ming and I sang the bumblebee song pretty well.  I hope you like it.  I put it up on soundcloud.  You can hear it whenever you want!

I love this microphone and would like my own.  It’s worlds better than the crappy mic that’s part of my chromebook.  Yeah, the camera on this chromebook is horrible too.  I’m sorry I bought the budget model.  Realistically, I spend hours a day on my computer, and would do much better with better equipment.

river of life

I recorded myself signing river of life also, a few days ago on my phone in the car.  I was in a post office parking lot as Ming went inside to mail some zines for me.  Please give it a listen.

River of life is a song we sang at church, when I was a kid.  These Christian songs are still inside me from childhood.  I like some of them.  This one has latent Jesus imagery and some ableism, maybe?  But the river of life is inside of me always, no regard to religion.

And I like the prison abolition part.  The river of life does a few things, including open prison doors to set the captives free.  Yeah!  Thanks, river of life.

I feel it flowing inside me and out.  I would call it chi, shakti, or life-energy, but one of my names is River for a reason.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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