Dangerous Compassions

be like water

I heard this song and felt amazed.  “Be like water, my friend,” it starts.

It made me think of my friend who’s going through a lot of conflict, anger, and change in her life.  But she is so strong.

Then I was telling her in a polo how the water strength feels like woman stuff.  Yin?  I don’t wanna be simplistic with gender.  But I feel femme energy can be so strong like water.


What is valued in your culture?  Where I grew up, what’s really valued is solid, hard stuff like houses, ships and boats, diamonds, bridges, iron, gold.  Material that’s created or refined, bought, and sold.

But water is Mother Earth.  You can’t buy it.  Well, you can buy water and water rights.  But it’s part of the earth.  It’s priceless.  If you think you own it, you’re lying to yourself.

I never carried anybody in my womb, but I think of floating in the womb of my mama, hidden there securely for some months, protected.  So vulnerable yet so held.  That place is a home I don’t remember, but it happened.  It happened for just about all mammals.

Humans but also dogs and cats, horses, pigs, mice and rats, whales and dolphins, beavers, lemurs, foxes, ferrets, goats, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, elephants.  We members of Team Mammal were water creatures, at our beginnings, nurtured in that wet love.

Water is like inner life.  I love inner life.  Ah.  The unconscious, where dreams come from.

And water is like the ocean, a huge goddess, filled with swimming animals, plants, plankton.  I heard the tiny ocean organisms are responsible for more oxygen production than trees.  Ocean health is planet health, which is the health of beings like us.

radical mental health

We had a great radical mental health collective meeting yesterday.  It was the smallest I’ve seen in years, only four people.  But I loved talking to these folx.  Four can be a great meeting.

be like water

I worked on an atc as we listened and talked.  Lately I want so much yellow, orange, and red.  It’s a sun angel.



I want to be like water, strong like I am, not like the world tells me I should be.  My body is soft, fat, breasty, and mostly water.  I’m not going to perform a rigidness or solidity very well.  My sexuality is fluid, and living in the desert for seven years, I know it’s important to drink a lot.

Like feelings and energy need to move through my body, the water does too, in my blood and lymph and all my cells.  It’s sacred.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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