Dangerous Compassions

neon museum

We went to the neon museum.  I had wanted to go for years but felt I could not afford it.  But guess what?  It’s only three dollars if you have food stamps!  Wow!  I signed up for the EBT ticket online and was instructed to bring my EBT card and photo id, but they didn’t ask to see them.

I loved the neon museum.  It was so fun to learn about the history of this city I’ve called home for seven years.  I never knew we would be here for so long.

hedonism check

Las Vegas is a very special place, and I love it.  Hippies, liberals, new age people, and progressives insult it all the time, thinking they’re above it.  But the hedonism, commercialism, gambling, drugs, and sexual cheap thrills are not something you have to do, if you come here!

Do you think at the airport they stop you to make sure you’re coming here to do adult Disneyland?  “How many strip clubs are you going to?  Three?  Ok, then you’re good.  We’ll let you in.”  No, it’s a city with this bizarre history and gambling, mobsters, depravity schtick.  But it’s also a real place where all sorts of people live.

And the desert is very beautiful.  Desert is sacred, where Jesus went to pray.  Isn’t the apparent contradiction delicious?

I don’t gamble, drink, use recreational drugs, or like casinos, but they are real.  The lights are amazing–the things people do for money.  It’s a thing, even if the waste and addiction are yuck.

Ming went to the mob museum years ago, open to learning about the mob shooting people.  That type of violence I do not enjoy.  But the signs are just art.


Our tour guide was amazing.  He blew my mind with Las Vegas pride.  He said he’s a Las Vegas native, and the signs are part of his history.  I love that mentality of  homeland.  Also he was kind and encouraged us to stare at the signs, not at him.  I felt blissed out our entire tour.

Here are some pics and little video of the neon museum.  I love the colorful seahorses in the middle of this one.  Yeah, staring at this one was a joy!  It’s very large, at the end of the tour.  That duckie is maybe 15 feet tall?

neon museum

This yucca sign was Ming’s favorite.  He loved the flower on the top.

neon museum

We learned about neon vs argon gas, a little about how signs are made, and local history.  There’s a huge pink Moulin Rouge sign, and the tour guide explained racist segregation in Las Vegas casino hotels, which is important to talk about.

The neon museum is a non-profit, and it feels ok to support.  It’s fun to finally know what’s there.  It’s near our neighborhood, so we’ve passed by many times.  I feel a heart connection now.

Spring is a great time to go.  Not too hot yet–a great temperature for walking around in the early night.  Love to your learning.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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