Dangerous Compassions

narcoleptic dog

“Oh, you’re doing yoga!” I said to Ming, as I glanced at him in the living room.  “Narcoleptic dog.”

He woke up enough to smile.  He was on his knees facing the couch of this airbnb, with his arms and face on the couch, napping.

I love Ming, including his disabilities.  I’m good with narcoleptic dog, for sure.  Yoga is great, and I respect his modifications!


This paragraph has been in my blog drafts since last year, and the post was going to be called brave.

It was something I said to a friend.  Not sure which friend, now.  But I have my suspicions!

One of the things I like about you is how you’re willing to think.  You’re brave, you’re strong, you’re brilliant.  You have an attention span, and you know how to use it.  You don’t just think about something for 20 seconds–you really consider things.  Thank you for that–for hearing my ideas, and thinking about them too.

A few true friends meet this description.  So I’m very fortunate, that I’m not sure who I said this paragraph to.

Being brave is important because so many things in life are hard to do, potentially painful, and scary!  I like trusting my intuition / my body about what’s appropriate-scary vs bad-idea-scary.  It takes a long time and some mishaps, to understand.  But I’m here to try!


It was brave to submit to a website this little story about myself, complete with pics and links.

embodied healing

This is a nice part.

Disability justice is one of my favorite things to write about. I love how building community and caring for myself and others can help me feel strong. Maintaining my personal power is central to my well-being, not handing over power to anyone else. I feel glad I’ve found many ways of being myself and doing the work I’m on earth to do.

I wasn’t sure what the website is, and it can be hard to understand well a business’ real aims.  Am I just building the empire of an org that may or may not be kind, respectful, helpful?

I think they’re ok!  It’s great to build some traffic to my projects, and I love to take my place among other disabled people.  A way to let myself show up at the table of humanity.  All bodies are valid bodies!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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