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kit fox bakery


Kit Fox Bakery is a new bakery in Tecopa.  Ming and I were in Tecopa for the hot springs.  This is a great time of year for it.  The small pools are too hot for me now, but I realized the big pool is cooler.  So we went with bathing suits, prepared to swim in the big pool.  Yeah, it was amazing.

Then we decided to return home, but I had to go to the bathroom.  So I spotted a restaurant across from the Free Rock we were paused at.

kit fox bakery

The people are very nice, a youngish couple.  We talked, and I loved it, which was not usual for me.  Many people I don’t feel safe talking with right away, but the easygoing vibe of these people comforted me.  They feel like the good kind of hippies.

We talked about how long they’ve been there, their travels, what Hawaii is like, volcanoes, and a sister’s vanilla farm.  I’m still thinking about the conversation.

Ming got an amazing spinach garlic calzone.  He got a berry scone, and a sunflower seed cookie bar layered with coconut frosting.  Ming also got a mocha, and I got a smoothie.

The mint smoothie was amazing.  What a tasty blend of fruits with mint syrup and oatmilk.  It felt really nourishing and not too much sugar.

Ming loved his food also.  He talked with the calzone baker about calzone making and spaghetti calzones.


Then we went back a week later for Ming’s birthday.  He got another spinach garlic calzone, a mocha, and a piece of coffeecake.  We sang over the coffee cake together to birthday-sanctify it.  There was a cute pause because none of the singers knew Ming’s name but me, so I filled in the blank with a clearly enunciated, two-syllable “Mi-ing!”

This time we talked about exploring Death Valley, wild burros, and a rainbow from the day before.  The bearded Hawaii man showed us pictures of the gorgeous double rainbow on his phone.  I felt cared for and included.

Kit Fox Bakery is a special place with tasty treats.  If you find yourself in Tecopa, please visit.

kit fox bakery

By Laura-Marie

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