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sports bar vs sports bra

sports bra

Hello.  I’ve been thinking about sports bar vs sports bra.  Very similar terms, huh?  But very different things.

sports bra

A sports bra is a garment meant to contain breasts.  If I’m going to run or play soccer, I might want to stop my breasts from bouncing around a lot.  I might prefer my breasts tightly held against my body for convenience.

Also, a sports bra is ok to wear without a shirt in public, like at a park.  At least in the US, most parks a person probably could do that.  So if I want to dance at the park but get maximum sun on my body, I might wear a sports bra so my tummy and back and shoulders can get sunshine on them.  Also I might feel cooler, if it’s hot outside.

A regular bra is much less appropriate to wear in public like at a park.  A regular bra differs from a sports bra in style.  It might still be legal to wear a regular bra at a park, but it definitely violates norms.

prison visit

If you visit someone in prison, there may be rules that you need to wear undergarments.  This happened to me.  There were precise requirements that women needed to wear a bra.  Straps could not show.  Clothing could not be sheer.  It was a headache to get through the clothing check, metal detector, id check, forms check…   Many folks have underwire in their bras, which would not get through the metal detector, yet they could not just take their bra off.

There was a clothing trailer where volunteers had lots of clothes that prison visitors could change into.  Some visitors come a long way.  Can you believe that?  What a world we’ve made.  So many ways to help people, but the prison’s harsh rules meant people needed to waste their time, stocking and staffing a clothing trailer.

Some folks just took the underwire out of their bras.  Yes, I did that when I was a kid and had an underwire bra that the underwire poked through and protruded confusingly.  I pulled the underwire out.

Then I grew up.  Now I don’t wear bras at all, unless I need to visit someone in prison, or go to the dentist or other terror situation.  Or I wear a sports bra to dance at the park.

sports bar

A sports bar, on the other hand, is a restaurant with beer and a sporty vibe.  They’re not for me, as I don’t like beer or any sports, or the vibe of sports, which usually feels violent to me.

Competition, trying to defeat others, bloodshed, psychological domination.  Glorification of thin, abled bodies at the exclusion of bodies like mine.  Physical harm glorified and ascribed lofty meaning.  Hockey fights on the ice.  All that is the opposite of what I’m going for.  If you need these things, via con dios.  I’m working for a world without all that.  I prefer physical contact for love, not for clashing on a field.

Smacking someone’s butt after a touchdown–is that for love?  Whatever.  I’m not doing it.


Last time I was at a sports bar, it was in Galt, during the trip Ming and I took to California in January.  Our friends who live in Sacramento came to this sports bar in Galt so we wouldn’t need to drive very far.  Thank you, loved friends!

It was hard because I have sensory sensitivity, and one of our friends is hard of hearing.  So the horrible music they played was difficult for us.  Ming asked the worker to turn the music down twice, and they did.

We were out on the patio because of pandemic.  But it was winter, and the chairs were not set up.  So we arranged a place for ourselves skillfully and had a fun conversation.

Before our friends showed up, Ming and I were sitting in the restaurant, near the door.  There was this boxing match playing on the tv, but it seemed like an extra bloody type of boxing with extra ear biting?  Yuck!  I was sickened, and I poloed my friend, trying not to glance at the motion on the tv.


The food at a sports bar is usually things like chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, french fries, burgers.  It’s not for me.  The one salad on the menu might be edible, but not meeting my needs.

This Galt restaurant actually had some Indian food, strangely.  It tasted pretty good, but my tummy is so particular.  It’s hard to please my tummy with anything–restaurant food is risky.  It’s way better to eat at home, things I know agree with me and were handled with care.

Sports bras, if there’s a little gap in the front between your breasts, can catch snacks you drop, like if you were eating sunflower seeds or popcorn.  So you could find food in your sports bra, but it might not be that delicious either, because it was in your cleavage for some hours.  It might have withered or become salty from sweat.

sports bar vs sports bra

Thank you for enjoying my comparison of sports bar vs sports bra.   In my opinion, sports bras win this battle by a landslide.  Sports bras serve a specific breast confining purpose for the comfort of the wearer, hopefully.

Sports bars are a last choice option in an unfamiliar town.  They might have a patio, which is usually the only good thing about them.

sports bra

By Laura-Marie

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