Dangerous Compassions

green things

Hello, can I show you some green things?  I thought quanyin looked extra pretty surrounded by blooming beans.  These are the little kind of favas.

green things

The beans came from a farmers market at my homeland years ago.  Ming thought the package was no longer ok, so he tossed the beans into the garden, like a Jack!  Glad beanstalks are growing, but we don’t need any giants.  A golden hen might be cool.

This San Pedro cactus has grown a lil blump by the place it was cut.  Can you see it?  The spines are very red.  Looks like a cute red-mohawked blump baby.


veg food

I made asparagus and tofu with garlic for my breakfast the other morning.  Yum!  Que rico!

green things

Nopales is good green things also.  Yum nutrition and a great name!


A different day’s nopales, Ming enjoys with sauce over cornbread.  What a cutie!

green things

driveway sunning

I like to sun in the driveway.  Catching rays is my joy–it’s part of my health.  I turned into a sun worshiper when my mom died, and a sun goddess.  She was a sun worshiper after a fashion, in her backyard.

I’d worshiped the moon, more.  But I took over sun worshiping when my mom was not around to do it anymore.  So yeah, I pray out there, sing sometimes, think, listen to voice messages on my phone.


My tummy likes the sun.  I put spf lipbalm on my lips because they burn easily.  I wear a hat.


These pics fit with my theme because my shorts here are the green flower cammo shorts.


Does your garden grow?  Do you have delicious veg to eat?  Do you enjoy sunshine on your body, for pleasure and health?

How do you honor your relatives who have died?  Do you enjoy being connected to your ancestors?

Ancestors have moved on.  We can honor them, enjoy the gifts they gave us, take on their good qualities, and vow to eschew their harmful ones.  I like good examples and bad examples too.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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