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purple journals

purple journals

I’ve felt creative lately.  I made some purple journals.  I used cast off cardstock for the covers, painting them purple with craft paint, including a metallic purple.  They have map endpaper and lavender inside paper.  I bound them with purple-blue variegated hemp string.

Ming and I put black gorilla tape on the inside to strengthen the spine, and he punched the holes for me with his antler awl.  We make a great team.

purple journals

I think one of the purple journals is for me–it has California map endpaper.  And one is for a friend who lives elsewhere.  I’ll package it up to send to her in the mail.

hemp necklace

I also made this necklace for myself using the same variegated purple-blue hemp string.  I was going to braid the cords, but when I tied the knot to begin it, the knot looked pretty to me.  So I decided to try making a series of knots.  And I think it looks good!

I thought about putting a little Buddha head on it.  But I prefer to keep it simple.  The colors are enough.

I also thought about putting a vajra on it.  Vajras are really speaking to me lately.  But I didn’t want heaviness to pull on my neck and press my chest.  My sensory sensitivities make jewelry difficult sometimes.  The cord itself is wonderful.


radical stickers

I made a few radical stickers also.  This was outgoing mail to a friend elsewhere who makes public art.


Anarchy flowers, human needs not corporate greeds.  The card that says Fight the Power, not sure what he’s supposed to do with it.  Do the right thing, I suppose.

I included the Do Justice Joyfully sticker too.  It’s on reclaimed ups sticker.  You can see the ups logo on the upper left, and under the yellow paint you can see the note someone wrote to me.  So yeah, it’s re-reclaimed!

I painted it with yellow and orange craft paint and wrote with sharpie, which is my deal.


This atc of a red excavator is weird colors, and I don’t know what to do with it.  Maybe I’ll give it to my friend’s kid who also loves tractors.

Thank you for enjoying my art.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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