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idiot wind

idiot wind

Idiot Wind is a new book by my poetry friend Michael Hannon.  It was published last year by Hoopsnake Press with art by Ke Francis.  I’d read and loved the manuscript, so I was happy to receive the book in the mail a few days ago, see the art, and revisit the poems in book form.

Ming recorded a video of me talking about Michael Hannon and Idiot Wind.  I show some art and read one of my favorite poems.  That poem is about a kid writing on a binder, and the inner world as it relates to the outer world.  I could relate.

Michael Hannon and I have been penpals for almost 30 years, since I was 16 or 17 years old.  I’m very fortunate to have his thoughts in my head for a long time, and his support as a poet, helping me feel more strong to tell my truth as he tells his.

In a reading, Michael mentioned that the poem series Idiot Wind was his way of processing anger he felt about politics.  In these poems, he never mentions Trump, but he mentions the covid dead.  I feel his pain about how pandemic has been handled and red voters.  None of this is addressed overtly in the book, but I relate to poetry as a way of healing.

I hope you have poetry in your life that nourishes your soul, gives you new ways to experience the world, and connects you with other bright people who are paying attention.  Or if not poetry, some other art that helps you make sense of reality.  Art helps me live.

I spoke with the publisher, and Idiot Wind goes for $350.  Please contact Hoopsnake Press if you could like one.

hat genius 24

Oops, I never announced my new poetry zine hat genius 24.  I’ve shared it with only a few people.

hg 24

It’s half-size, a little shorter than usual, and has some intense personal poems.  A lot about harm in relationships and abuse.  And a little about my mom also, losing her as she died.

It’s not for everyone–huge emotions here.  But please let me know if you would like to trade for a copy.  I’d be happy to send one to you.

Love to your griefs, your needs, your observations of the world.  Love to the ways you come to terms with who you are, in the context of everything else.  And thank you for witnessing how I do all that.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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