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fruit ritual

fruit ritual

We did a fruit ritual.  Ming and I needed a ritual of forgiveness and connection the day after an intense argument.  I thought I would share the ritual with you, in case you need one too.  You can copy and paste the ritual to modify for your own needs.

It went very well.  It spoke our intentions and feelings to our deepest selves, as ritual should.  Felt healing.  Feeding me some delicious fruits when I needed a snack was a literal benefit also.  This quick fruit ritual takes only five minutes.

fruit ritual

Three different kinds of fruit on the plate, small quantity:  a few blueberries, three orange segments, a few blackberries.

We hold hands and take three deep breaths together.

Ming says:
Thank you for accepting this fruit.  Thank you for accepting me.
I love you, I will always love you, and I will always help take care of you, so you have what you need

This fruit blueberry represents my cherishing you and your health.

This fruit orange represents my excitement for you.

This fruit blackberry represents my respect for you and your Mystery.

Ming feeds me each fruit.  We look into each other’s eyes for a silent moment.

Ming says:

I love you now and always.  I will work with you for our mutual well-being.

Ming kisses me.

Laura-Marie says: I accept you, the fruits, and your love.

We hug.


The surprise of this ritual was how it made us laugh and smile a lot, but also that Ming kissed the plate.

“Can I anoint you with the fruit water?” I asked.  There was a little water on the plate after the fruit was in my tummy.

“Yes!” Ming said.

I dabbed some water on his forehead, nose, mouth, and tummy.  He dabbed some water on my forehead, nose, mouth, and tummy.

It was a sweet ending and great to have a spontaneous part after the planned part.

thank you

Thank you to Ming for going along with creative ways to resolve conflict and heal.  Yes, including ritual and diy spirituality.  Thank you for doing long term love with me, which requires effort, skill, willingness, patience, and showing up.  I appreciate you and how we connect.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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