Dangerous Compassions


“I’m not ocd!” I told Ming.  “I’m oc Delightful!”

We were laughing.  My assertion was a playful taunt, as Ming has ocd for realsies, according to medical professionals.

Yes, Ming’s ocd is time-consuming and difficult.  When I’m in a bad mood, I can resent it.  Ming’s ocd is taking up time and energy that I wish he’d spend on me.  Jealous of an illness, I wish he would set aside the things he does that I see as ridiculous.  But it’s a disorder because he can’t.

Poor pumpkin.  Seriously–who would choose to obsess and compulse like that?  It’s a problem because it’s a problem.  My dear hides it well from most people.  But I’m the one who sees behind the scenes, every day.


What do we do, with disability?  Especially multiple disabilities, that don’t always play well together.  Requires a lot of healing.  I like art for healing, along with pleasure, touch, rest, and embodied movement.

I made this little art which can be on an altar, table, or desk.


Does this even count as art?  The yellow interacts with the dark green words, and it’s an object, so I guess that’s art!  It has these sentences I wanted to hear a couple weeks ago–I was suffering and striving, and I needed some credit for my efforts at responsibility.

I put the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective instagram username, and I instagrammed it.  Always trying to find new ways to reach people.

protest sign

Also I made this peace of pizza.  I don’t like the crust, but that’s ok!  The pepperoni is nice, and the spinach e, and I love the olive slices.  Cute!  The green bell pepper is nice too, huh.  The mushrooms leave something to be desired.  So be it!


It’s supposed to be a protest sign, but I’m not sure passing people in cars would be able to parse it fast enough.  The bright, bold pepperoni p is a good idea, but not sure the rest of the letters would come through.

Lucky, I like double-sided signs.  So I could fly the pizza side, then show the world the God is love side.  I definitely associate God with circles–a round completeness.  And blue of infinite sky.


That will be way easier to read.  Nice contrast, Laura-Marie.

good heart

Yes, I see Ming’s good heart and good intentions.  That makes putting up with ocd, narcolepsy, and other struggles possible.  He does the same for me, proud of me for trying.  Love is here, every day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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