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waking up medusa

waking up medusa

I’m so excited my friend released a new album.  I’m listening and feeling so grateful to encounter the art.  The band is Lost Luna, and the album is Wish Upon a Star.  The first song is Waking Up Medusa.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to this beautiful truth, Waking Up Medusa and all of it.


My friend said the album is dark, and as I began to listen, I was just feeling curious and excited.  But I was listening in a casual way.  Sometimes when I encounter new music I agonize, listening really hard, feeling a responsibility to hear what’s there as completely as I can, right away.

But this time I was listening halfway as I wrote and did other personal work.  I trust I’ll have many years to hear this music, and I didn’t want to be greedy and formal, hearing it.

My ears would perk up at a stimulating sound or phrase.  I formed some impressions of stylistic choices, like the instrumentation and singing together.  Are those different people?

I felt the tone seep into me.  By the final track, I did agree that it’s a dark album!  Wow, that last track evokes playground torture.  The “you thought there was nothing to be scared of–you were wrong” idea is scary!  My imagination runs wild.  It’s thrilling in a dark way, yes.

My favorite song is about sewing.  It’s about pandemic also and is called “sew sew.”  The song feels different and exciting, the ideas, the sound.  “I’m sewing my way out,” is so brilliant, and the part about sowing seeds too.  I need it!

art experience

I love new music–I have an art experience, and my being is changed by the beautiful, helpful input.

This friend who comprises Lost Luna is a zinester whose writings, visual art, and crafts I enjoy.  It’s fun to know someone over the years as a friend and also as an artist, and enjoy many kinds of their work.  And I trust this artist to change me.

Blessings to you, dear reader, that you have art that nourishes and changes you in a wanted way also.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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