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raw applesauce

Hello, I have a deep fondness for hemp seeds.  They’re freaking delicious and give me good nutrition.  I like them on my oatmeal.  And I used to like them on yogurt, but I’m not tolerating yogurt so well lately.  So I decided to put hemp seeds on some raw applesauce.

raw applesauce

First I chose our oldest apple.   Texture doesn’t matter.  Then I washed it with a lil soap because it felt weirdly waxy.  Then I microplaned it into a bowl.

It made a smaller quantity raw applesauce than I thought it might.  Then I added around two tablespoons of hemp seed.  Then I mixed it up.

It was cold in our house–it got down to 27 degrees here in Las Vegas, as cold as it gets, pretty much.  But the heater had been on in the bedroom for hours, full blast.  So it was warm in there–I took my raw applesauce to bed.

Wow, very delicious, and much sweeter than I expected.  Much sweeter than necessary.  I tried to think of more non-sweet things to add, for my health.  I couldn’t think of anything.  Maybe a dollop of almond butter, I’m wondering now.


As you know, I can have an issue with crunchy stuff.  I realized recently that I love almonds for their taste and nutrition, but chewing them is sensory-difficult.  I think it’s an autism thing.

My most hated foods–celery, jicama, water chestnuts–are all crunchy.  If I’m psyched out and emotionally prepared, chips can be ok.  The oily with salty is a tasty payoff.

But I’m the kid who would soak her cereal in milk until it was soft.  All cereal!  Crunchy can be a problem for me.

So grating an apple is brilliant.  I can enjoy its brightness and rosy flavor without getting squicked.


Thank you for the genius who brought a microplaner into the kitchen.  Grating is good–fine grating is better.

Raw applesauce is a lovely substrate.  I’m happy I accidentally discovered how to make raw applesauce some time ago.  Salad adventures can be fun, and learning can lead to more learning.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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