Dangerous Compassions


Tempeh is a food I like.  Yes, I am a real hippie.


Well, a more real hippie than me would probably make their own tempeh!

It has a fermented aspect.  It’s made of soybeans like tofu, but the soybeans are more intact.  I didn’t know how to cook it for a long time.  Now I like to slice it up and fry it in my wok.  Then I could put a sauce on it, or just add minced fresh garlic at the end.

Here it is with hoisin sauce from a bottle.


It has an appealing nuttiness.  Like me!

This was pasta salad with pesto, tempeh, and kalamata olives.

pasta dish


Sometimes Ming gets Thai food, and I like red curry best.  He’s a fiend for calamari, so he goes to a Thai place we like near Smart & Final that has calamari for him, Chef Million.  They know him as the squid guy.  Hahahahaha.  He’s famous.

“I think I’m the only person who orders squid there,” he told me.  He doesn’t understand how beautiful he is.  People remember him for his kindness, gentleness, and pretty hair.  He has no idea.

Last time I asked for tofu and green beans in my red curry.  I will eat half, then freeze the other half with some rice.  Then add tempeh when I eat the second half the next day.  Looks like this.


Whoa nelly.  Doesn’t really look good.  But so good!  This time they made it so hot I almost couldn’t eat it, which is just right for me.  Right at the edge.

Learning how to be kind to my body is a longass process, because my body keeps changing.  Learning to reject popular notions took a while.  Then learning how to listen to my own body, and learning how to give my body what it needs.  Wow, so much work!  Lots of cooking.  Trial and error.

I need abundant protein now, yet I don’t eat birds or mammals or reptiles or eggs.  Also I can’t have mushrooms, corn, wheat, concentrated sugar, dairy, and many other things, lately.  Standard choices don’t always work well for me.  That’s an understatement.  My body keeps me on my toes.  Literally, eh?


Ming and I went for a walk in our neighborhood of Vegas Heights.  I was in love with all the lines here.  This fence…they repaired a hole in their fence, with another style of fence?  Another two styles of fence…!  Poverty is the mother of invention.  Ming took my picture.


I pledge allegiance to lines, for sure.  Also I used to hate the color red.  Doing more experiments with red nowadays.  And all members of the red family.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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