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things I’ve made

Hello, wanted to show you some things I’ve made lately.  Yesterday I recorded a new video and put it on youtube.  It’s a guided meditation including an apple orchard and possible message of your own truth.

Also I’ve been working on my rainbow dumpster goddess, for last month’s art along.  Goddess was day 26?

rainbow dumpster goddess

It was fun to make a lot of breasts stacked like ice cream scoops, emerging from the dumpster.

I was proud also of the lavender coming out of this safe.  I thought it really looked like lavender.  Ming could not identify it, but maybe he’s not so good at lavender.  Well, I tried!

things I made

Here are a few things I’ve drawn for the current art along.


When I made those rhino earrings for my friend Ariel, I also made this star earring for another friend.  Ey have asymmetrical piercings, so it was cool to use this star and some purple, as I only had one star, and purple is eir favorite color.  Ey liked it.


Pictured also is a diamond file–I use diamond files to make sure it’s not too sharp, where I cut wire.


I painted some random stickerage yellow and made this Candyfoot Lionized Ultrasound slap.  Felt good, while I was messaging with a friend.

things I made

I made these lil stickers too, from contact paper scraps.  The sentences felt important, especially You are stronger than hate.  I needed to tell myself these things.  Queer liberation for all life forms!



I made simple soup with one of the small cauliflowers we grew. That’s always exciting.  Feels extra-organic!


I fed Ming some bites, and he thought it was delicious too.  He loved it.  This was better than bouillon garlic broth, tofu, and cauliflower.  That’s it.  I needed protein at dinner time and couldn’t bear to fry more tofu.  Soup was a great choice and very quick.

thank you

Thank you for witnessing the creativity of things I’ve made and for believing in me.  Please enjoy my truth.  Sometimes I feel torn down by the world, like by haters and people who think I’m wrong or silly.

But I know a lot of people see what I do, respect my projects, and love me.  So thanks for the love and any prayer you can spare for the well-being of me and Ming.

things I've made


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