Dangerous Compassions

garden in spring

Hello, thought you might like to see the garden in spring.  Yes, it’s spring here, the flowers are telling me.  Permaculture is my life, and gardening in the desert is a never ending journey of learning.

The first surprise was the cauliflowers.  Wow, how did I miss those?  Suddenly, there they were.  Small but brave.

garden in spring

“How did they arrive all of a sudden like that?” I asked Ming.

“I think they were covered with leaves.  And then all of sudden, the leaves opened,” he said.


Some beans bloomed also, these beans like mini fava beans.  Ming planted them last year.

We got the beans at a farmer’s market in my homeland years ago, to eat.  But they sat in the pantry too long, and Ming cast some in the garden.  Look at these pretty white and black flowers.

garden in spring

The chia has been blooming for months, cheerful blue-purple, so welcome.

garden in spring

I was surprised by the daffodils.  These are mini ones, maybe, in a pot by the house.  Yes, I saw their leaves for a long time.  Then suddenly, these unsubtle yellow flowers.  How cheerful can you be?

garden in spring

The pink kiddie pool that I thought was such a good idea as a raised bed is crumbling!  Oops!  Sorry, people who will be picking little pink bits of pool plastic out of the ground here till the end of time.

But there’s a pretty lettuce growing in it, and more of those not quite fava beans.



Other brassicas are blooming their vibrant yellow.

garden in spring

Most people would have said long ago, “These brassicas are not producing–we planted the seeds at the wrong time.  We should rip them out.”  But Ming and I are curious disabled permaculturists.  We have a chill attitude and like to live and let live.  Also, we had no plans for those pots and were happy to let the plants enjoy their life cycles and see what happened.

Wow, a lot happened.  It’s fun to learn.  Thank you for seeing our garden in spring.

Here’s Ming waving at you.  Please note the dark purple leaves of the tree collard in the foreground.

garden in spring

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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